July 2011

A right tool for bug tracking/project management - Redmine

We have been using Trac for couple of years and until recently it suited our needs just fine.

But with move to Git version control system I started to look for something else. Although Trac supports Git: there is a plugin for it, but I have failed to install it when I tried that year or so ago. It needed different Python version than we had on our development server. According to Trac website the plugin is working ok, so there is no need to abandon Trac if you are happy with it.


What a busy month it was

I fell in love with Play framework.
That is really cool piece of software and it is fun to work with. Recommended. We are currently using it in couple of projects and so far it saved us a fair amount of time.

And new Eclipse (Indigo) has arrived to the Internets :-)

Also Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.2 FP3 is out with some annoyng bugs fixed. And it seems to be a bit faster.