March 2016

Family reunion 2016 (also known as Engage)

This is starting to be a little old, but after every BLUG/Engage every blogger from the community simply has to - contract is very strict about this :) - write that Theo and Hilde did it again, that Engage was bigger than last year, venue was impressive and event most successful. It's very easy to do so, as it is 100 % true.

#WinterInSpain My "digital nomad" experience

My wife and I are not the biggest fans of winter, especially version of it that we usually have in Prague. Every year we plan our vacation to cover as much winter time as possible. Last year we spent 7 weeks in Nicaragua and at the end of our stay we felt we hit the limit of how long we can/want be abroad and NOT doing anything else than travelling. Therefore we've decided to try another approach.