Java 8 in 9.0.1FP7? Not likely.

According to these two documents in fix list database 9.0.1 FP7 is not bringing Java 8:

EDIT: According to Peter Presnell (see his comment) Java 8 support comes in FP7 and FP8.


Still Required?

i know agents still compiled by default, against Java 1.5. Are these fixes needed for backwards compatibility? It's annoying fix lists etc only give fixes, not new features.

Re: Still Required?

not sure. but if they update java 6 runtime, why adding another one? and vice versa: why bother updating Java 6 runtime, if they are replacing it with Java 8 runtime.

Security fixes

These are security fixes which are affecting all of IBMs JRE. It would not make any sense not to fix the issues, even if Java 8 is comming or not.

Re: Security fixes

but why fixing component that is going to be replaced in the same release by newer version?

Where did you find the

Where did you find the information that FP7 upgrades the JRE to Java 8?

re: Where did you find the

It has been said several times, that things promised for 9.0.2 will be included in fixpacks

Sure. But no one said that it

Sure. But no one said that it will be in FP 7. Maybe in FP 12. Or FP 999.


Speculations is the mother of evil. Let's wait and see.


@Frederik: Totally agree. @Martin: Jeeze, just wait and see. Or just run away in silence :-). Just kidding.


... surfaces only when no information is provided. As it's the case with this. If features would be delivered they'd be on the roadmap - as seen on the MWLUG slides. There was not much.

Would you wait for buying a new car if the car dealer would say that he has no idea when and if a new model will be delivered?

We saw on several Connect roadmaps in 2015 and 2016 announcements (tentatively, as usual). So there are things there that could easily be announced with a delivery date as some of them are already - probably since a long time - finished and could be delivered. But for some reasons IBM doesn't. The question is "Why?".

Going a step further... even the MWLUG roadmap slides didn't show that much for 2017 across the products. So 4 months to go and still no plan(s).

Java 8 Will be Part of FP7

It is my understanding that support for java 8 will be made available in two installments spread across FP7 and FP8. It is likely IBM will clarify their position a little better at ICON UK.

Where can I find this

Where can I find this information? Can you give me a link or something else which can be verified? Thanks in advance.

I was told.....

At MWLUG that Java was hopefully in FP7 for Domino and the client would be a bit behind that. Trying to find out if that is still the case.