Very unexpected (and weird) question

"Are you available for XPages training for beginners?" was the question asked recently. I am not making this up. I really am not. My first reaction (after several seconds - or perhaps minutes - of total suprise) was: "Whaaat? Why would anybody for crying out loud now START to learn XPages?" Then we talked a bit about dates and after realizing I can only do it in September I was sure they won't want me to do it anymore. To my even bigger surprise they came back. And it got even better today: can you do follow-up advanced training?

I still think that it is some elaborate practical joke from Sutol guys. After several years of presenting sessions about modern ways of development in Domino, doing this would make total sense. I keep telling Sutol audience, that if they want to stay competitive, they need to move on or at least start heavily using Java, ODA, REST etc. in Domino apps. That there is no future for Notes Client applications.

Of course, if you already know XPages, there may be projects where using them makes total sense. But to start with them now?? Planning to invest a lot of money in training? I guess (if this is real) that they must be some big companies/government bureaus. Who else could afford ignoring the reality and live deep in the past?

Moral of the story? There's none. If time permits I'll do the training, I want to see those people and ask them why. And to see they faces when I open up the training with telling them they should run away :-)


Another crusader on a holy mission to save the Domino Universe

At least as long as money is not concerned ;-).
If you can't / don't want to work with XPages - don't ! Just run away !
But don't take the customers money and then tell them they're stupid. Maybe they are not.

You never know...

Where i work, we want to get rid of the Notes client fast, so the apps we want to keep will go in XPages. I do already know XPages, but to me, because these apps will be rebuilt in Java or whatever, doing them in XPages is still the simplest way to webify Notes apps, especially if they are simple apps. Going crazy and using REST services in Java is not a simple thing either, so it does make sense to learn XPages in certain contexts. So without the context, it's hard to judge a company that wants to go that route. Maybe they have fate they'll kepp their Domino environment for a long while, and XPages is not that bad of a beast... My 2 Candian cents... ;)