IBM Champions 2017 - welcoming new Czech one!

I am very very happy that my friend and real yellowbleeder Jan Krejcárek has been named IBM Champion in ICS for 2017. He is the third one from Czech Republic (in ICS) and it is a well deserved achievement.

I do not have any real statistics (apart from those I am just making up), but I think we might be the best in "champion per capita" ratio. There might be some smaller country though, I really should check it before writing it in the blogpost. But we have post-fact era after all :-)

[In Czech] GeeCON 2016 - Praha

Na úvod je asi vhodné uvést, že s organizováním a přednášením na konferencích nějaké zkušenosti mám a ačkoliv se v následujících řádcích někde vyjadřuji kriticky, tak celkově byl GeeCON výborně zvládnutý a přes hodně slušnou návštěvnost jsem nikde nezaznamenal výraznější problémy.

The 8th SUTOL Technical Conference: Nov 10-11, 2016, Prague

SUTOL (Czech Lotus User Group) has published agenda for its annual event in Prague. I think the lineup of speakers is great - with one exception :) - and conference will be full of interesting information and cool technologies.
After successful last year's event we are doing it again in English, day and a half instead of one day, with three tracks instead of two.

Working with PDF files in XPages apps

I'm just making this quick short note to save myself a few searches next time I'll need this:

Do you want to manipulate PDF files, for example to merge them? Use Apache PDFBox. Version 2.0.1 works just fine on Domino, API is well documented and reading PDF files from notes documents is easy - EmbeddedObject has method getInputStream().

Family reunion 2016 (also known as Engage)

This is starting to be a little old, but after every BLUG/Engage every blogger from the community simply has to - contract is very strict about this :) - write that Theo and Hilde did it again, that Engage was bigger than last year, venue was impressive and event most successful. It's very easy to do so, as it is 100 % true.


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