#WinterInSpain My "digital nomad" experience

My wife and I are not the biggest fans of winter, especially version of it that we usually have in Prague. Every year we plan our vacation to cover as much winter time as possible. Last year we spent 7 weeks in Nicaragua and at the end of our stay we felt we hit the limit of how long we can/want be abroad and NOT doing anything else than travelling. Therefore we've decided to try another approach.

Let's Encrypt certificates and BlackBerry

You may have heard about Let's Encrypt. If not, go there and check it. You can have SSL certificates for your servers for free, so there is now no excuse for not using https by default.

But Let's Encrypt certificates are not yet trusted in all browsers/systems. And one of those is my beloved BlackBerry OS 10. Here comes the good news: there is a way to fix it!

Plugins disabled in DDE after installing 9.0.1 FP5IF1

You may already have 9.0.1FP5 or better FP5IF1 installed. If Designer is part of your installation, chances are all your plugins in DDE got disabled. I mean the plugins you have installed to DDE, such as newer version of Extension Library or OpenNTF Domino API.

Solution seems to be simple: in Designer go to File - Application - Application management, expand the second entry and there you should see list of user installed plugins. You can select them all and then Enable them. Or simply enable only those you want to use.

IBM Champion for 2016

I finally have some more time to write blogpost about thing that has made me very happy recently.

Thanks to all of you who have nominated me and all people involved in final decision my IBM Champion status has been extended for the next year!

Being awarded for something I love to do is very nice, right? I mean I was making contributions to the community before I was awarded. I never did it because I wanted to be awarded. But it feels good to be officially recognized, to know people are appreciating what you do.


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