New version of EGit for Domino Designer available!

Until we are stuck with Eclipse 3.4 under Domino Designer, using some Eclipse plugins is limited to older versions of them. But we have Nathan T. Freeman on our side (of the Force), so at least for Git plugin (EGit/JGit project) this is not true. Go grab new release of updated Git support to Now!


MongoDB vs Domino experiment part 1

I am taking a scientific approach, so part 1 is procrastination :-)

EDIT: In fact I am now close to the end of part two: holiday in Thailand. But immediately after return (and by immediately I mean after usual cold I am going to catch because of 40 degrees of Celsius temperature difference and - at least - a stroke because of returning to work) I am going to try it. At least this is my New Year's resolution. And I - as you - take these resolutions very seriously.

Happy New Year 2012! Or 2555, if you're in Thailand. Or Year of the Dragon, if you're Chinese.


Using MongoDB instead of Domino?

In one of my previous posts I mentioned Play! framework. I'm now working with it almost exclusively, all of my non Notes work is in Java and when I am not dealing with SOAP web services or Android, I use Play framework. But it is not what I want to tell you about this time. It is MongoDB. It could be easily used in Play application using play-morphia plugin that uses Morphia project to map MongoDB to JPA. But again this is not what I want to talk about - although it is also very interesting :-)


Mobile controls in a new Extension Library, DomJson

After installing 8.5.3 and a new release of Extension Library I started to play with the Mobile controls included in it. It was originally a separate project on OpenNTF but now the controls are part of library itself. So you need 8.5.3 server (with extlib installed on it) to run apps using these controls. Thanks to new updateSite.ntf included with 8.5.3 it is now far more easier to deploy ExtLib to your server.


Unable to initialize Computer, and it can't be used at this time...

After upgrading Notes Client on Linux to 8.5.3 (it is in fact related to update of embedded sametime to 8.5.1) I started to get an error message "Unable to initialize Computer, and it can't be used at this time. Processed unsuccessful response: null for: REGISTER..." and then there were some details about the connection. Quick Goggle search helped: How to suppress SIP registration failures in the Sametime 8.5x client

8.5.3 SOAP Header

Just a quick addendum to previous post. MessageContext is available in 8.5.3 gold version too, although I did not find any documentation on it in Help, in Release Notes and in fix list database.
So this is probably "let's uncomment this and don't tell anyone" kind of fix :-)
But thanks a lot for it!

Another 8.5.3 hidden gem - SOAP Header for Web Services in Lotus Domino

In 8.5.2 you can not get handle of SOAP Header in web service provider. According to Elena Neroslavskaya one can somehow extract the generated Axis code base and make the changes there. Definitely not an option for me: I do not want to extract some %%webservice.jar%% files attached to web service provider design element, make changes to files inside it and then put it back.



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