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MongoDB vs Domino experiment part 1

I am taking a scientific approach, so part 1 is procrastination :-)

EDIT: In fact I am now close to the end of part two: holiday in Thailand. But immediately after return (and by immediately I mean after usual cold I am going to catch because of 40 degrees of Celsius temperature difference and - at least - a stroke because of returning to work) I am going to try it. At least this is my New Year's resolution. And I - as you - take these resolutions very seriously.

Happy New Year 2012! Or 2555, if you're in Thailand. Or Year of the Dragon, if you're Chinese.


Another 8.5.3 hidden gem - SOAP Header for Web Services in Lotus Domino

In 8.5.2 you can not get handle of SOAP Header in web service provider. According to Elena Neroslavskaya one can somehow extract the generated Axis code base and make the changes there. Definitely not an option for me: I do not want to extract some %%webservice.jar%% files attached to web service provider design element, make changes to files inside it and then put it back.


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