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Wanna use Git (with DDE) and you're afraid of command line? Try GitHub for Windows

Last two blog posts were about using Git and git-flow with DDE. I use command line as main working interface when interacting with Git repositories. I am used to it, I am more productive this way.
But If you're not used to use CLI, there is GitHub for Windows available for you. Go try it!

And if Git doesn't sound familiar to you, try it in your browser, without the need to install anything.


Using Git with Domino Designer - the hardcore way, part II.

Today's talk about setting up a development workflow for a new project reminded me of my promise to write the second part of this blog post. So here we go:

Installing Gitflow

Just read and follow the instructions in gitflow wiki. You may also want to setup very handy command completion, instructions are here.


New version of EGit for Domino Designer available!

Until we are stuck with Eclipse 3.4 under Domino Designer, using some Eclipse plugins is limited to older versions of them. But we have Nathan T. Freeman on our side (of the Force), so at least for Git plugin (EGit/JGit project) this is not true. Go grab new release of updated Git support to Now!


Finding optimal Git workflow

As Git becomes available as a VCS for Domino Designer (thanks to Nathan T. Freeman for contributing EGit plugin compatible with it), I can start using the same workflow for developing/releasing/hotfixing as I use with Java and Drupal development.
I'm pretty comfortable with gitflow way of doing these tasks, based on this branching model. And there is also git-flow-completion - a perfect companion for it.


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