Call doc.closeMIMEEntities after touching doc.getMIMEEntity

Another stupid mistake has taken a lot of my time last week. I developed a small library to provide function(s) to move attachments from rich text fields to separate db (nsf or some other). This function was supposed to be part of bigger process, so saving of document being processed was meant to happen in other code. That is why I had not tested what doc.save() would do. My tests were just checking destination db for created records containing moved files.


Dynamic binding of fields bug?

I was developing very simple XPages component recently and because it was basically loop through a list of field names (and the task was to show something for each of them) I have used repeat control and inside of it there was custom control with properties such as fieldName (String), label (String), isRequired (boolean) and so on. In the custom control I was binding fileDownload and fileUpload controls (based on read/edit mode) to document field via EL as "document1[compositeData.fieldName]" where document1 is data source defined in XPage that "calls" this custom control.


Validation in XPages: one of the two fields should be filled in

Recently friend of mine asked me for help with an XPages application and one of the "problems" we had was validating user inputs.
We needed to make sure that user enters something in one of the two fields. My first thought was "ok, it's going to be a simple xp:validateExpression checking for non empty string and returning true". But after giving it one more thought, I ended up with "just make one of the fields required, if the other one is empty"


Oh no, another blog

So I've decided (finally!) to start blogging about my recent work with XPages and Lotus related technologies in general. And because I am also working with Java and WebSphere technologies there will be some content focused on these subjects too. And last but not least this is going to be about Drupal. And development and coding in general. And maybe about something else...


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