2014 - wrap up

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End of the year is approaching at increasing speed (more deadlines you have, more speed you get) and as we’re headed to our annual vacation soon, I’m calling this year “a day”. (this probably doesn’t work in English as I mean it, but you understand it, right?)

It started right after we returned from Vietnam at the end of January, with a lot of projects to catch up on, followed by speaking at ENGAGE with Paul Withers and being on This Week in Lotus discussion panel (yes, THAT This week in Lotus which “made” me to go to my first BLUG ever in 2011 and subsequently to speaking at BLUG in 2012). I can not thank Stuart and Theo enough for what they’re doing for the community, and what they both have done for me personally.

I kind of tried to repay Stuart by helping him and the whole Social Connections team with organizing sixth conference in Prague and then seventh one in Stockholm, but I still feel like I was the one getting more than giving. They (and now I’m talking not only about these two guys, but about bigger group of IBM Champions) have decided to nominate me to became one of them, which is a great honor for me. And a big responsibility as well. One thing is to do something for the community, share knowledge on the blog, organize (and present at) the conferences and other thing is to be officially recognized for that. This means I’m probably doing it right and therefore I should continue with it and be better at it, eventually.

I have one week ahead of me to get everything done. And then off to Nicaragua we go! I can’t wait to spend more time with my wife, I can’t wait to get some rest after all the hard work (and lot of fun as well), I’m looking forward to exploring beautiful country and meeting local people. I’m also looking forward to having some “disconnect” time to recalibrate myself which is what I love about traveling the most. It is so easy to become frustrated of something that is in fact no problem at all compared to real problems people have in less develop countries.

I wish you all very nice Christmas and I hope we’ll meet in the next year, be it virtually on some chat or (preferably) in person.