Docker, Testcontainers and Apple Silicon

As I am waiting for DHL to deliver new Mac Book Air with M1 chip, I am working on setting up my work environment on it. Well, just virtually preparing the setup as I do not have the machine yet. What I know is that almost every program for Intel based Macs should be running on the new M1 via Rosetta 2 emulation. But some programs I use, such as Docker, will not run until there is native version of it.
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Domino v10?

Do not get me wrong, I still care about the platform I’ve spent most of my professional career with. But couple of years ago I’ve realized IBM is never gonna make any significant and much needed changes to make it relevant. I wasn’t convinced the HCL taking over Domino development will be any different. And judging by the event today, it won’t. Introducing new release almost at the end of 2018 should in my opinion be focused on developers first approach, offering APIs, libraries and tools.
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My life after Domino

I’ve just realized that it’s been already more than 4 months since I have stopped doing any new Domino related development. How time flies when one is having fun! I haven’t waited for FP10 to finally have newer Eclipse under DDE, and according to echoes from yellowverse I haven’t missed much (hopefully all the problems will be fixed soon, there are already two Interim Fixes available). To my great surprise a lot of people seem to be getting their hopes up regarding future development of Domino platform.
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SmartNSF is in Beta 5

In case you’ve missed Christian’s latest release of SmartNSF, here is the link.
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SmartNSF Beta 4 released

Go get the fresh release of SmartNSF to, give it a go a let us know what you think! Changelog is available in the wiki as is the documentation. Happy RESTing!

SmartNSF webinar recording available

Did you miss webinar about SmartNSF on June 13? No problem! Go ahead and learn about the cool new features coming in next release! Recording is available here:

I have bad case of FOMO this week

This week hosts two events I would love to attend: DNUG 44 in Berlin and Social Connections 11 in Chicago. Being part of the team organizing an event and then not be able to go to the event sucks. Big time. With the rest of the team already in Chicago (and asleep now) or en route there, our usual chat channels are quiet this morning. That feels strange. I keep checking my internet connection if it is working.
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Very unexpected (and weird) question

“Are you available for XPages training for beginners?” was the question asked recently. I am not making this up. I really am not. My first reaction (after several seconds - or perhaps minutes - of total suprise) was: “Whaaat? Why would anybody for crying out loud now START to learn XPages?” Then we talked a bit about dates and after realizing I can only do it in September I was sure they won’t want me to do it anymore.
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Speaking at Engage 2017 about SmartNSF

I think I can call it a tradition now, as I every year since 2011 travel to Belgium (or Netherlands) to attend and sometimes even to speak at Engage (formerly BLUG) user group event. This year the latter applies. Christian Guedemann and I will be presenting SmartNSF ( and its role in application modernization “movement”. The session is scheduled for Monday, May 8 from 11:45 to 12:30 in room D. Gorilla.
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What to expect in upcoming SmartNSF Beta 3 release?

EDIT: Beta 3 has been released:… Changes We’ve decided to rename strategies to make the names shorter, yet still descriptive enough. We’ve basically removed all SELECT_ and ALL_ parts of the names. For example SELECT_ALL_DOCUMENTS_FROM_VIEW is from now on DOCUMENTS_FROM_VIEW. Extending the life of your keyboard is just a positive side effect of this change. Bug fixes Date format of returned DATETIME items was broken, so we fixed it. Bigly!
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