My life after Domino

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I’ve just realized that it’s been already more than 4 months since I have stopped doing any new Domino related development. How time flies when one is having fun!

I haven’t waited for FP10 to finally have newer Eclipse under DDE, and according to echoes from yellowverse I haven’t missed much (hopefully all the problems will be fixed soon, there are already two Interim Fixes available).

To my great surprise a lot of people seem to be getting their hopes up regarding future development of Domino platform. Well, the key here is the word “future”, isn’t it? How long will it take this time? Isn’t it already too late? Will it really happen? I do hope so, but I am no longer betting my professional future on it.

Meanwhile my focus has shifted to pure Java development, using SpringBoot and Flowable ( to build backend REST APIs for workflow system. That means I no longer have to deal with UI, yay! Also the whole development ecosystem is so rewarding: TDD, CI and a whole lot of other acronyms:), using the newest Eclipse, Docker, Apache Kafka, etc.

And I do not have to start Windows VM anymore!

Do I miss Domino? Not really. But I still have to maintain a couple of systems I helped to build, so chances are I will start DDE in near future. I’ll let you know how it went.