Domino v10?

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Do not get me wrong, I still care about the platform I’ve spent most of my professional career with. But couple of years ago I’ve realized IBM is never gonna make any significant and much needed changes to make it relevant. I wasn’t convinced the HCL taking over Domino development will be any different. And judging by the event today, it won’t. Introducing new release almost at the end of 2018 should in my opinion be focused on developers first approach, offering APIs, libraries and tools. And at least a couple of developer evangelists traveling around the world to each user group that still exists and ‘spreading the word’ about how you can do development on this new release in a modern way. Instead there is no Mac client (have a look at any conference/event for developers, what most of them use), no plan to have Designer on Mac whatsoever, no plugin for VSCode, IntelliJ Idea or Eclipse, there is no NodeJS ‘runtime’ which was promised to be a new way to develop web apps on Domino. At the same time there are no plans to modernize XPages runtime/libraries (probably wise choice, after IBM stopped investing in it long time ago). So how does IBM think this platform will be interesting for developers? Or HCL or whoever is responsible for this type of decisions.

I don’t like being negative, but I struggle to find anything positive in this. So go and read Jesse’s post, that gives me some hope.