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This year’s last digit is going to be the first digit of my age. And that makes me think a lot. Because I always considered age as something not important. I have friends of all ages and have never really cared about how old is a person I’m dealing with. But since my very good friend died 5 years ago and my father died nearly 2 years ago, I started to be aware of age a bit.
I still feel like being in my late twenties except I no longer can drink all night and be ready next morning. Nope, it takes now a full day to recover. And there is no way I can/want drink all night. Evening is enough. I do not consider this as a problem. But one has to see a correlation between this and getting older.

But you’re probably reading this because you think my blog is Notes/Domino related with a touch of source control/git. And you probably want to read a bit of that not about me getting older. OK, I can do that as well. Here are my suggestions for 2014:

If you do not use OpenNTF Domino API now, you should.
If you do not use Java to develop XPages applications, you should.
If you do no use test driven development, you should.
If you do not use Git, you should.

You have been warned, do not come back to me crying that you did not know how important these things are :-)