BLUG 2012: part 2

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Day 2: Friday

Waking up in the morning is not my hobby (“good morning” is an oxymoron for me). And after all those beers (Belgian beers are usually stronger than Czech ones, but we are used to drink 0,5l as “one beer”) this morning was especially hard. But we made it to the Crown Plaza Hotel just in time to attend “How XPages became mobile” with Earmon Muldoon and Paul Withers. Combination of coffee and interesting information was a nice start of a day. Speaking about the coffee: it was great all the time!
Next “The Lotus Notes Dev Quiz” was fun! 20 questions with 4 possible answers, some of them very easy, some of them not. I learned a lot there and liked it very much. Good job, Theo.
“Swimming in deep waters” by Sean Cull and Andrew Champion about lessons learned from real world XPages project - I like to hear other people’s real world stories (read “mistakes”), because it allows me not to do the same mistakes. Very important session, very good one.
I took a longer lunch break (as I do all the time) so next session I attended was Ulrich Krause’s XPages: Beyond the basics.
Ulrich was one of those two people being there in time for my session so I wanted to “pay him back”, but it was not necessary, there was enough people already. I wonder how he did that :-)
Next session in the same room was Eureka moments: The JSF knowledge by Paul Withers. Full of very important information for developers trying to better understand XPages lifecycle. And I have to mention a role of a server (in one case with write only memory) played by Abigail Roberts.
I really liked BLUG 2012. New experience as a speaker, great sessions and everything. Not to mention that I won TLCC course during closing session!
See you next year at BLUG!