I will be speaking at BLUG 2012

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At the end of each year nearly all Lotus related blogs have titles like “I will be speaking at Lotusphere…”. At the end of each year I wondered why people write those blog posts. Now I think I know it. So, once more, just for my pleasure: I will be speaking at BLUG 2012 :-)

Last year I decided to attend my first foreign LUG event: BLUG 2011 in Belgium. It was really good decision (see my older blog posts - day 1, day 2 - about it) and I am extremely happy to have an opportunity to give something back to Lotus community. Community that is helping me nearly everyday. For long time.

I’ll be speaking about version control for notes developers, my favorite vcs Git and some related tools I use. Some of them you may have noticed in this blog already.

So, fellow yellow bleeders, looking forward to seeing you in Antwerpen, 22-23 March.