IBM Champion for 2016

I finally have some more time to write blogpost about thing that has made me very happy recently.

Thanks to all of you who have nominated me and all people involved in final decision my IBM Champion status has been extended for the next year!

Being awarded for something I love to do is very nice, right? I mean I was making contributions to the community before I was awarded. I never did it because I wanted to be awarded. But it feels good to be officially recognized, to know people are appreciating what you do.

So I can simply promise to continue doing what I do, to be involved in community life, to promote best practises in Domino/Notes/XPages development, to organize conferences and to present at ICS related events (provided my content will be interesting).

The IBM Champion "family" is a bit bigger now, but there are still many people missing in my opinion. I do hope IBM will make nomination form less complicating and time consuming next year.

This is probably this year's last post, we're headed south for the winter. I would love to meet Spanish Lotus people, will try to find some of them while I'm there.

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