Mobile controls in a new Extension Library, DomJson

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After installing 8.5.3 and a new release of Extension Library I started to play with the Mobile controls included in it. It was originally a separate project on OpenNTF but now the controls are part of library itself. So you need 8.5.3 server (with extlib installed on it) to run apps using these controls. Thanks to new updateSite.ntf included with 8.5.3 it is now far more easier to deploy ExtLib to your server.

This version of Mobile controls seem to be running faster and on Android devices working with less hassles. There is one small problem: with previous releases of Mobile controls project it was possible to just copy and paste custom controls and some script libraries to your application to be able to use them. And there was no need to have latest server release.

There is one more OpenNTF project I like to point at: DomJson. We already have ?ReadViewEntries&OutputFormat=JSON for views and with DomJson we have it for documents as well. It basically returns fields of notes document identified by UNID as JSON object. Imagine all the possibilities! You can directly feed them to MongoDB or Redis, fox example. But from the mobile perspective: JSON is a structure all “mobile oriented” libraries work with (in fact not only mobile oriented, it looks like now every library, every framework supports JSON). So using basic built-in functions you can create a simple interface to show all of Lotus Notes document data without even knowing the structure of that document. It means literally one line of code and all you need is to pass the URL of the JSON representation of the document you want to see (for example http://domino.server/some.nsf/domjson&unid=UNIDofDocument). And if you know the structure, you can add parameters to the URL to ask just for some fields and make the returning JSON object smaller.
Go try it.