My old ThinkPad T60

I bought it in December 2006! It still works fine except it is starting to make really too much noise sometimes, maximum amount of memory is 4GB, battery isn't able to keep it going for more than 2 hours. And it is 15", with 9-cell battery that is "sticking out" on the back side of the notebook. It is quite heavy.

I've replaced old hard drive with Intel SSD 160GB year ago. Notebook is now blazingly fast. But - as stated above - has some problems. So it is time to buy new one.

I considered my needs and the way I use notebook as a primary computer. When I'm at home, it sits in a docking station with external monitor, keyboard and mouse. When travelling I often carry Lenovo S10e netbook instead of taking T60. But netbook is not able to run Lotus Domino Server, Websphere Portal, Rational Application Developer and so on. So if I travel somewhere and I need to do some work there, I have to carry the old T60. Because it is 15" model with 1400x1050 resolution, working on it is just fine. But the size and weight penalty is too much for me.

First time in my life I've considered buying notebook other then IBM Thinkpad. Mainly because they're now built by Lenovo. But there are still good ones, X-series and T-series. And W-series. Other lines are for home users or stylish or focused on cheap prize. Business ones are still solid, not as they used to be, though.

I've decided to buy 12" or 13" notebook, small and light enough, but with full power (lot of memory, SSD, long battery life). Apple's new MacBook Air 13" was a candidate for some time, but after Lenovo announced ThinkPad X220, it was easy to choose. And to be frank, Apple's hardware is a bit too stylish (one can even say 'posh') for me. And no docking station. And no chance to run WebSphere Portal and RAD natively. And I love black color. So X220 it is! With 64bit Ubuntu and Windows in a VirtualBox.