A quick follow up on last post

A lot of things happened since Monday morning. It turned out I was not at all alone in thinking this. So there are some other posts on the subject, much better than my rant. And most importantly you can find Ed Brill's comment under Darren's post.

(I tried to sort them chronologically, not 100 % sure I did it right, though)

So we now know IBM will support Domino/Notes until 2021. That's definitely good thing. It gives everybody enough time to adapt to new situation. What we still do not know (and even IBM - or at least Ed - doesn't) is what is the plan with Application modernization part of last roadmap presented, see Ed's comment under Volker's post where he said: "I would like to be able to say more about what my roadmap bullet about app modernization means, but it is something we are still working on a few different paths, and it is not going fast enough and I want to do more before we talk about it".

That is exactly why I advise Domino devs to run away. It is already too late and yet they are working on something and are not even sure what path to take.

I really appreciate Ed being so open about this. His position is extremely hard now and I am really glad I do not have to make decisions he is going to make.


Except that...

Some of what you want may already be done but not released yet ;-)

Re: Except that...

Fair point. But why not to disclose that now? Something like:
FP7 comes in September, contains Java 8, etc....

Confounding isn't it?

For sure IBM must know what is or isn't in FP7 so why not just tell us? I'm getting seriously tired of all this IBM secret squirrel bullshit.

learning new american idioms

Darren, I had to look up 'scuttlebutt' and 'secret squirrel' - made me giggle, learning new americanisms...