A right tool for bug tracking/project management - Redmine

We have been using Trac for couple of years and until recently it suited our needs just fine.

But with move to Git version control system I started to look for something else. Although Trac supports Git: there is a plugin for it, but I have failed to install it when I tried that year or so ago. It needed different Python version than we had on our development server. According to Trac website the plugin is working ok, so there is no need to abandon Trac if you are happy with it.

I read some blog entries about Trac competitors and decided to try Redmine. Mainly because it is built on top of Ruby on Rails, the framework I had on my "try" list. And also because I liked its UI from the beginning. It is not pretty or anything but it feels "logical" for me. If UI can be called logical...

So far I did not find any trouble with Redmine, it does its job well. What I really like compared to Trac is the ability to host multiple projects on one Redmine installation. I had couple of scripts to automate set up of a new project in Trac, but it never felt "right". If you know what I mean...

If you're looking for bug/issue tracking system, with wiki support, project management capabilities, integration with most of version control systems and many more features, give Redmine a try. Recommended.


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