Get ready for Java 8 in Domino/Notes

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Java 8 is coming to Domino/Notes.
First just runtime environment for server and client in FP8 and later this year hopefully to Designer as well.
That will be huge improvement for developers, because it means - apart from Java 8 new features - we’ll get newer Eclipse, newer OSGi etc. Yay!

At the same time I feel like admins are not going to be that happy. Change of Java runtime from 6 to 8 should - in theory - be safe. Chances are, however, some stuff will be broken. A really, really thorough testing is in order. Especially when using third party libraries. You have been warned! :-)

The best new features of Java 8 are functional interfaces and lambda expressions. And Stream API. And there’s more. Google it and start preparing yourself for the future!