SmartNSF Beta 2 released

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You may have noticed that there is new project available on site. It is called SmartNSF ( and it aims to help developers build REST services on top of the Domino databases. Unlike other approaches I am aware of, this project adds Designer integration and smart definition of routes, data retrieval strategies and returned values in one place. And this definition is made using Groovy syntax. How cool is that?:-) You can implement business logic there as well.

First beta version was released little over two weeks ago. Most of the work on the project is done by Christian Guedemann.

Beta 2 has been recently released (with a little help from me) with these new features:

  • It now supports handling of attachments, yet this is still in experimental stage
  • New paged strategies have been added, so you can specify start position and count of returned documents
  • Partial documentation is available at

I will be updating the documentation this week to make it up to date with Beta 2 features.

Please test the new release and let us know at if - or should I say when? - you find any bugs. Or if you miss some features.

What’s in the pipeline for next beta? Things such as generation of OpenAPI .yaml file for use with Swagger, handling for response and response to response documents or code assistance in Designer.
Stay tuned!