IBM Champions 2017 - welcoming new Czech one!

I am very very happy that my friend and real yellowbleeder Jan Krejc√°rek has been named IBM Champion in ICS for 2017. He is the third one from Czech Republic (in ICS) and it is a well deserved achievement.

I do not have any real statistics (apart from those I am just making up), but I think we might be the best in "champion per capita" ratio. There might be some smaller country though, I really should check it before writing it in the blogpost. But we have post-fact era after all :-)

Thanks everybody who nominated him (I know I did, but for sure others did as well).
Also thanks for nominating me again, it sure feels good to know that you appreciate what we are doing.


Don't think you can beat Switzerland

with a population of 10.52 million, you've got a champion-per-million inhabitants ratio of 0.28. With 8.08 million in Switzerland, that's a champion-per-million-inhabitants of .72. Hah!

Damn :-)

Damn :-)