Social Connection VI

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Well, that was really great experience to be part of the team organizing Social Connection VI conference in Prague.

Our team was working hard to make it happen. All other members were also presenting, which I can only admire. I can not imagine myself doing all that work AND preparing for the session(s) as well. Let alone being able to deliver it.

After spending some time at the registration booth I’m a bit afraid that my new nickname “registration booth babe” will be with me for some time. It is, after all, my fault: shouldn’t have tweeted it.
There are already people planning to make it worse :-)

We run Czech Lotus User Group site on Connections. I’m just “end user” there, not involved in deployment, configuration or customization of the site. So I don’t have deep “technical” knowledge about Connections yet. I had a chance to listen to some sessions and it really encouraged me to go and start exploring it further. Hopefully in Stockholm, where Social Connection VII will take place, I’ll be able to learn more. Already looking forward to it. And to meeting at least some of my new friends. And old ones as well.

It is always very nice to hear from attendees and speakers and sponsors how they like the city, the venue, program and the conference in general. I do hope all of them would come to Prague again and perhaps with more time to explore my beautiful city.

Thank you to all attending, speaking at and sponsoring Social Connection VI conference. I had great time and I hope you had as well.