Fall - time of the conferences and hard work

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For me the end of the summer means increased number of projects I’m involved in. To finish all of them until the end of the year - that is something I’ve never managed to achieve. This year seems to be a bit different. Hopefully.

Up until now I’ve resisted to say yes for too many of “just a small 10 mandays work” (usually ending up as 50 MD). One of the reasons is that after Social Connections VI in Prague I’m part of the team preparing the next event - Social Connections VII in Stockholm. The most important reason is that unlike previous years I’d like to start our annual winter holiday trip less exhausted and without eyelids twiching.

But it doesn’t mean I’m gonna sit in my chair and do nothing. On November 11th Czech Lotus User Group (http://www.sutol.cz) technical conference takes place in Prague. This year we plan to have two tracks in the afternoon, one for developers and second for administrators. We’ve also asked all attendees of previous events to vote for the sessions, even add their own ideas about what they want to hear about. Which is quite the opposite of how is it done traditionally. You know, we Czechs, we always have our special way… And that also generates a lot of fun when we discuss who’s gonna do the sessions, Usually those not present on the last meeting end up doing some :-)

Two day later starts Social Connections VII event in Stockholm. Go check the agenda and register. It’s going to be awesome! There are rumours about tall blonde registration booth babe that - even if just a half of them is true - would alone justify any costs of travelling to Sweden.